St. Edwards MBA

For business professionals wishing to accelerate their careers, the St. Edwards MBA program offered by The Bill Munday School of Business, is an excellent option. The MBA (Master of Business Administration) program that St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, offers allows already seasoned business professionals to build and enhance practical skills to prepare them for the next level in their career and to develop dynamic and long-lasting connections with other professionals.

The MBA Program Structure

You can adapt the St. Edwards MBA program to meet your busy schedule and to satisfy your professional and personal life. All courses offer a highly flexible structure with low-residency requirements. MBA students need to appear at the school’s campus only 6 times per semester to attend in-person classes. For all other classes, they will be following online classes and receive instruction and support from their professors in a virtual environment.

Students will be taught by St. Edwards’ well-connected and highly experienced faculty members. MBA classes are small which provides ample opportunities for in-depth learning and discussion, and building up the best relationships. During Saturday on-campus classes, students usually attend professional development meetings, share meals together, and engage in networking with their MBA peers. This program requires the GMAT. If you want to learn how to prepare for the GMAT effectively, click on this link and check out the post.

Program Focus

The St. Edwards MBA program is focusing on entrepreneurial and problem-solving skills and thinking, innovation, social enterprise, business analytics, and global collaboration. These are the main competencies that business and industry leaders are looking for in their senior management staff. Students will learn how to best:

  • Lead and manage through highly effective collaboration and communication
  • Use various quantitative data for the development of business on an international scale
  • Analyze local and global environments to produce business solutions and visions
  • Apply best critical reasoning practices for the integration of business goals
  • implement corporate social responsibility practices
  • Leverage innovation and technology in every area of business to enhance outcomes

St. Edwards University’s MBA program is very entrepreneurial-oriented. This spirit is actually perfect for the City of Austin, where new companies are founded on a daily basis. In the MBA class “Entrepreneurship”, the school’s professors will emphasize if you hold an idea and have a passion, you’ll be able to set up a business. Check also this post on MBA scholarships, though, for MBA applicants, grants and scholarships are hard to get. But there are options.  Usually, MBA students are middle and higher management professionals that make enough to pay for the program by themselves and often, the businesses that employ them will pick up the tab.

The program will help you realize that you don’t need to be part of or employed by a big corporation to be successful. If you have a well-rounded idea for your company, and you’re ready to start out, Austin is the right place to do so! St. Edwards University’s MBA program enables you to build highly sought-after competencies in entrepreneurial thinking, innovation, social enterprise, business analytics, and global collaboration, exactly the fields that business managers and leaders require in the contemporary world of business.

The St. Edwards MBA program is 36 credit hours and tuition is $50,148. The program is provided by The Bill Munday School of Business and concentrations are offered in Accounting and Digital Management. Classes are delivered in a blended combination of online classes and on-campus meetings that take place six times every semester.

St. Edward’s is a private university that was established in 1885. The school has an undergraduate enrollment of just over 4 thousand students. St. Edwards University’s campus counts 160 acres in an urban setting. The school follows a semester-based academic calendar. There are so many benefits for college graduates. The MBA degree will surely take your career to the next level!

Contact Information

For more information contact St. Edwards University:
St. Edward’s University – The Bill Munday School of Business
3001 S Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78704

David Altounian, Interim Dean and MBA Director (512) 448-8678
Susy Graves, Graduate Advisor (512) 233-1661
Mike Leveriza, Graduate Admissions Advisor (512) 448-8745