Selling water management products in the desert

KWT Group is a market leader when it comes to water control penstocks, weir gates or tilting gates. These products are usually hidden in wastewater treatment plants and pump stations but they are indispensable to environmental water systems and sewage water systems, says Ron den Hertog, managing director of KWT Group, a company that’s selling water management products in the desert.

In Europe, the company is mostly involved in water management systems but a lion share of sales comes from penstocks for sewage treatment plants located in Arabian countries, so in the desert. “It just sounds unbelievable when I say that we deliver water management systems to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar or Bahrain”, says Ron.

For the Middle East, KWT Group mostly delivers penstocks for wastewater treatment plants. Because of the demanding hot climate, the quality of the products must be the top. And we deliver just the best possible products, continues Ron.

Channel Penstocks are mounted into channels to control water flows, to feed or transport away water. Water that runs through these channels is controllable by raising and lowering channel penstocks or weir gates. This concept was originally applied in water mills that utilized water flows to rotate a wheel. Nowadays, the primary application of penstocks is the circulation control and isolation of essential fluids related to water and wastewater, sewage water treatment facilities, irrigation techniques, process plants, and power generation facilities.

The appropriate penstock is essential to meet up with the design requirements and to supply the best economical solution. KWT Group is manufacturing penstocks for both sewage and water management purposes, continues Ron who has seen many benefits from his college education come true in this highly innovative and exciting company.

Managing the volume of water through the use of penstocks, channel penstocks or weir gates enables people to control the amount of water that is available at the opposite end. For issues such as flood control, penstocks could be opened in dry seasons to let water flows through, and they may be partly closed throughout wet periods to keep the water back.

A water pond containment reservoir can be established right behind the penstock to store the water that would normally accumulate and build up pressure on sluices. There are numerous penstocksflood control systems where weir gates and tilting weirs are utilized, says Ron.

KWT Group was established over 25  years ago but only after the takeover by Bergschenhoek Groep in 2007, the company began intensively selling outside Europe. Thanks to the mother company, KWT Group has the financial backup that is needed for its export activities.

Equally important is creating a formal network with distributors and contractors abroad as well as being certified by governments in UAE, Iraq or Saudi Arabia as an officially approved vendor.

But this investment in global network pays off, today KWT group is the market leader in the Netherlands, Europe, and M-East and one of the top 10 global players in their niche.

Bergschenhoek Group is a 100 years old, well-respected family-operated company with 6 industrial companies in their portfolio.

For the purpose of automating the company’s processes, KWT Group started an alliance with Synthos Technologies, today operating under the name Finch Computing, which provides an innovative and drastically different data experiences. So now, through Finch Computing inventions, the company can provide better, faster, and more precise pictures of environments in the regions in which the company is operating. Finch Computing had developed FinchDB, a computing platform with embedded analytics that is partly working as a search engine and partly as a database that KWT Group uses for its in-memory applications.