Review of Synthos Technologies and Finch Computing

In 2015, Synthos Technologies rebranded to Finch Computing and since then, its products are marketed under the names Finch.DB, Finch Analyst, and Finch for Text. So let’s check this review of Synthos Technologies and Finch Computing.

Synthos Technologies, headquartered in Reston, Virginia, offers three top-notch technology products that are developed after many years of experience. The company holds patents on over 2 dozen inventions that are unique to the company.

Synthos Technologies, or now Finch Computing, is part of Qbase, LLC. The company is building and supporting innovative ways of interacting with and processing information via three highly innovative products that are addressing complex (and not-addressable-before) data management and information needs at a number of points and moments in software stacks.

Synthos Technologies was enabling, like now Finch Computing, drastically different and innovative data experiences, and the company is meeting, through its inventions, the ever-intensifying need for a faster, better, and more accurate and precise picture and related data of environments and markets in which the company’s customers are operating.

Synthos Technologies has developed the following products that are now sold under the company’s new name, Finch Computing:

FinchDB – a computing platform that has embedded analytics. FinchDB is partly a database and partly a search engine and was developed entirely for in-memory application use.
Finch for Text – this is a disambiguation and entity extraction engine that is reading textual information just like a human would do. Finch for Text extracts various distinct entities in text and distinguishes these from identical entities while using proprietary algorithms and a massive knowledge base.
Finch Analyst – this is a data discovery solution that is customizable. Finch Analyst is allowing users in numerous industries for example in highly specialized medical applications for surgeons, to leverage their informational data and assets more effectively. These assets may be static or streaming, external or internal, and numbers or words.

Synthos Technologies, or now Finch Computing, is helping its customers to find greater value and faster access to their data assets via uniques solutions and the company’s customers vary from commercial market parties to federal government agencies. The company understands very well that though its activities are tech-based, their own company, as well as their customers, are all about people, not just the numbers!

Synthos Technologies has received Patent Protection on many of its inventions in the field of Compression Technology, a cutting-edge and powerful innovation process. The company provides highly innovative software reading solutions that make the use of information possible in many new ways. This revolutionary invention compresses huge datasets to degrees that were not possible before and may also decompress single fields or records from within massive date amounts.

The Compression Technology developed by Synthos Technologies makes computing of in-memory data scalable and feasible for large businesses and government agencies and at the same time allows for huge cost savings. The cloud hosting costs that organizations like hospitals and government agencies have to come up with every month, for example, will be drastically reduced if they can store datasets that are significantly compressed.

Synthos Technologies, or rather now Finch Computing, holds more than two dozen patents to protect its unique inventions. These patents include knowledge discovery and entity disambiguation, in-memory databases, text analysis, and search technology, and specifically where it concerns in-memory databases which eliminates, for example, the need for recovering lost files.

Synthos Technologies, now Finch Computing, is one of the world’s leading software developing companies in the field of inventing and building entirely new and revolutionary ways of processing and interacting with huge datasets of information.