Benefits for College Grads

Many companies will tout the excellent retirement benefits offered, but the majority of twenty-somethings should have much more pressing concerns on their mind.

The what-if factor is always a good motivator. What if you become sick or injured while working in the next year? What if you require prescription medication on a regular basis? What if you need to see a chiropractor, psychologist, clinical physician, or any other medical professional consistently?

At times when these medical expenses crop up, the thought of retirement seems much farther into the distant future than it already did before. There is no hiding the fact that health insurance is a big financial burden.

Employers often offer some form of a company-provided insurance policy; however, within this policy, there are often several options. In any case, employees will be subject to paying a substantial portion of their insurance coverage in one manner or another.

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Dawn Loggins -From Homeless to Harvard Beating the Odds

The story of Dawn Loggins is one of these stories that break your heart and bring you joy at the same time. Having Will Power means one is able to beat the odds of what’s presented to them. We are not able to dictate the cards we are dealt, but we do control how we play those cards and how we respond.

Dawn’s story demonstrates great strength, perseverance, and resilience with a determined spirit to not give up. Steve from, says their students (often high school dropouts) often refer to Dawn Loggins as the example of how they can achieve similar results and make dreams become a reality.

So, you are wondering, who is Dawn Loggins? Dawn was a straight-A student at Burns High School in Lawndale, N.C., who endured her family being evicted many times to her family ultimately abandoning her and leaving her homeless.

Yes, homeless! Dawn had to fend for herself during a time she should be enjoying her teenage years, going to prom, graduating and planning for college. As you can imagine, she was scared, lost, and clueless about how to move forward. But to everyone’s surprise, Dawn rose to a challenge no child should ever have to tackle.

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How to Value Your Support Staff

You don’t need to go to a business school for your MBA degree to know that need to value your support staff. The best managers truly listen and respond to their support staff.
As I am considering taking an MBA course (I am choosing one without the need for a good GMAT score) I’m interested in what separates good from great managing practices.

During my pre-MBA course we talked about one cardinal factor, it is the degree to which the practice operates like a true team, which boils down to the physicians being attentive to the perspectives of their staff, and both the physician and support staff displaying genuine levels of mutual support.

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Indeed: It’s about People, Not Numbers

Since my undergraduate days, I had an interest in microbiology and infectious disease therapy and as I’ve progressed over the years that interest continues to grow.

Earlier in my P4 year, I was fortunate enough to have been on my Acute Care rotation with Dr. Jason Cota, one of my pharmacy school professors and an extremely talented infectious disease specialist.

It was an absolute pleasure having Dr. Cota as a preceptor; during my time with him, he helped me grow both professionally and personally, and I can honestly say he is one of the coolest people I’ve had the fortune to work with.

One of the things that Dr. Cota has always stressed to his students was the importance of antibiotic stewardship; that is, the practice of tailoring therapy to the specific pathogens causing a patient’s infection, as they are identified and their susceptibilities become known.

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Stop wasting your time: get an excellent product manager

What are the qualifications of a good product manager?

How do you define a product manager (PM)? What makes a product manager a good one?

The product manager is the magician in your company who is making things happen, always keeping in mind the top 3 product management ingredients.

Many like to call this magician as the mini CEO which is to some degree a true interpretation. He carries many hats, he operates at many levels and he is the glue factor of many entities of your company.  And this is why it is so important to have a good product manager. You do not want to risk such a critical role by just assigning anyone.

Get a PM with strategy and vision

Product manager without a strategy and a vision is not a true product manager. He/she is an executor. The vision is needed to complement your big product puzzle with :

✔ Business value: This perspective brings back you down to earth when you or your team start flying in the clouds with dreamy ideas. You have a product because your customers need it not to satisfy your fantasies.

✔ Business model: This perspective brings back you on track when you or your team goes in the direction of a long and inefficient cycle leading to high costs and non-profit model.

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