Selling water management products in the desert

KWT Group is a market leader when it comes to water control penstocks, weir gates or tilting gates. These products are usually hidden in wastewater treatment plants and pump stations but they are indispensable to environmental water systems and sewage water systems, says Ron den Hertog, managing director of KWT Group, a company that’s selling water management products in the desert.

In Europe, the company is mostly involved in water management systems but a lion share of sales comes from penstocks for sewage treatment plants located in Arabian countries, so in the desert. “It just sounds unbelievable when I say that we deliver water management systems to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar or Bahrain”, says Ron.

For the Middle East, KWT Group mostly delivers penstocks for wastewater treatment plants. Because of the demanding hot climate, the quality of the products must be the top. And we deliver just the best possible products, continues Ron.

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Review of Synthos Technologies and Finch Computing

In 2015, Synthos Technologies rebranded to Finch Computing and since then, its products are marketed under the names Finch.DB, Finch Analyst, and Finch for Text. So let’s check this review of Synthos Technologies and Finch Computing.

Synthos Technologies, headquartered in Reston, Virginia, offers three top-notch technology products that are developed after many years of experience. The company holds patents on over 2 dozen inventions that are unique to the company.

Synthos Technologies, or now Finch Computing, is part of Qbase, LLC. The company is building and supporting innovative ways of interacting with and processing information via three highly innovative products that are addressing complex (and not-addressable-before) data management and information needs at a number of points and moments in software stacks.

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Race and Education

The following is an interesting analysis written what Robert T. Carter Ph.D. about “Race and Education” a few years back.

Race has been and continues to be central to educational thought and practice. The dialogue about multiculturalism, race, and race relations has focused predominantly on members of visible racial/ethnic groups and immigrants. In the following TEDxLansingED video, Dorinda Carter Andrews talks about how gaps in mindsets and critical consciousness for students and adults in schools is preventing us from offering equitable education and schooling experience for students of all background.

Much of the debate and dialogue has ignored racially-based social scientific paradigms that undergird education – inferiority, cultural deprivation, and cultural difference. Race has been subsumed under the rubric of ethnicity and culture.

Race and Demographic Factors:

By the year 2050: two-thirds of the U.S. population will consist of visible racial/ethnic group members or people of color. Currently: 35% of school children are of color. Students of color constitute more than 70% of total school enrollments in 20 of the country’s largest school districts.

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The Pomodoro Study Method

While there have been many changes in our education system over the years, the classic Pomodoro study method or technique has remained relatively the same. When it comes to studying, many students will simply spend as much time as they can hitting the books and hoping to retain enough information to pass everything from simple pop quizzes up to university exams.

Unfortunately, many students may be wasting hours of their time studying because the brain does not readily retain information in the
manner that many people believe. Reading the same material over and over again does not mean it will be more easily recalled. Plus, there are also students who may not have what they believe is the proper time to study as well.

Fortunately, there is a proven study technique that takes relatively little time, yet has proven to be very effective. The Pomodoro Study Method has actually been around for decades, yet many students may not be aware of just how effective it is for helping them retain and recall information.

The Pomodoro method is also frequently used by business professionals as well as high school students or even GED candidates. 

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Why Race is Important

Race is an elusive, perplexing, troubling, and enduring aspect of life in the U.S. Race has been one of the most critical factors in the social, political, and economic structure of our American society from the first pre-colonial early beginnings to our present day. See also this TEDx video in which Alex Kajitani talks about why race is important and how to talk about it:

Any examination of American social history points to the legacy of America’s fascination with skin color, caste, and social status. Race and ideas and beliefs about race always have played a crucial role and had its effects throughout our American history.

For instance, European Americans used duplicitous means to obtain land held by American Indians. Throughout American history, Black Americans have been at the center of several controversies arising from fundamental constitutional questions: the debates over slavery during the framing of the Constitution and the Constitutional Convention of 1787, the Civil War, and the civil rights movement of the 1950’s and 1906’s to end the denial of Blacks’ basic rights as citizens.

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