Customer-Friendly Contracts Will Spur Physician EMR Adoption (Ohio State Medical Association)

In an effort to simplify electronic medical records (EMR) contracting procedures, The Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) is establishing a Standards of Excellence designation for physician systems vendors. “We think EMRs are a benefit to both physicians and patients,” says OSMA senior director Carol Wright Mullinax. “But practices have a lot of anxiety about the […]

CCHIT Not Good Enough for Privacy?

A stamp of approval from the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT) is not enough to guarantee that electronic health records can provide adequate protection of patient information, according to Deborah Peel, MD. Peel, founder and chair of Patient Privacy Rights, a non-profit foundation based in Austin, TX, recently announced that she will be […]

Defect Isolation and Convergence Debugging

What is convergence debugging? Convergence Debugging is an automated debugging method that isolates a set of test cases that converge on the internal root cause of a failure. Convergence Debugging gives means to measure the debugging effectiveness of a set of test cases. It also can select a set of test cases that maximize debugging […]

Duplicate Content and Joomla: Fixing htaccess

Joomla is a powerful platform capable of growing along with your business.  However, duplicate content issues are a major problem with many Joomla sites if they haven’t been optimized correctly upfront.  Fixing your .htaccess file to eliminate some of these issues will help. An htaccess file is a file automatically installed during Joomla installation to […]

Indeed: It’s about People, Not Numbers

Since my undergraduate days, I had an interest in microbiology and infectious disease therapy and as I’ve progressed over the years that interest continues to grow. Earlier in my P4 year, I was fortunate enough to have been on my Acute Care rotation with Dr. Jason Cota, one of my pharmacy school professors and an […]

Review of Synthos Technologies

In 2015, Synthos Technologies rebranded to Finch Computing and since then, its products are marketed under the names Finch.DB, Finch Analyst, and Finch for Text. Synthos Technologies, headquartered in Reston, Virginia, offers three top-notch technology products that are developed after many years of experience. The company holds patents on over 2 dozen inventions that are […]