Review of Synthos Technologies

In 2015, Synthos Technologies rebranded to Finch Computing and since then, its products are marketed under the names Finch.DB, Finch Analyst, and Finch for Text.

Synthos Technologies, headquartered in Reston, Virginia, offers three top-notch technology products that are developed after many years of experience. The company holds patents on over 2 dozen inventions that are unique to the company.

Synthos Technologies, or now Finch Computing, is part of Qbase, LLC. The company is building and supporting innovative ways of interacting with and processing information via three highly innovative products that are addressing complex (and not-addressable-before) data management and information needs at a number of points and moments in software stacks.

Synthos Technologies was enabling, like now Finch Computing, drastically different and innovative data experiences, and the company is meeting, through its inventions, the ever-intensifying need for a faster, better, and more accurate and precise picture and related data of environments and markets in which the company’s customers are operating.

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Customer-Friendly Contracts Will Spur Physician EMR Adoption (Ohio State Medical Association)

In an effort to simplify electronic medical records (EMR) contracting procedures, The Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) is establishing a Standards of Excellence designation for physician systems vendors. “We think EMRs are a benefit to both physicians and patients,” says OSMA senior director Carol Wright Mullinax.

“But practices have a lot of anxiety about the whole EMR selection process and doctors are concerned about having their rights protected. Having the right contract language in place protects physicians’ rights and resolves much of the anxiety.”

Association, Consulting Firm Develop Terms and Conditions List

The Hilliard, Ohio-based OSMA has been working since March 2009 with national healthcare consulting firm The Coker Group to develop an approved list of terms and conditions for EMR contracts. “We are finalizing the list now, and then we will see which vendors are willing to commit to the final terms and conditions,” Mullinax says.

Sue Hertlein, a senior consultant with the Alpharetta, Ga. based Coker Group, has been actively involved in developing the contract requirements. She says several essential items will be included in OSMA’s final standards, which will be released this month.

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Are Health Record Banks the answer to Lagging EMR Adoption?

tc-13397-mainiconIt has been more than twelve years after President Bush’s mandate to provide electronic health records (EHRs) to all citizens within 10 years, and EHR adoption is still not as high as industry experts would have expected. High costs and a perceived low return on investment have made some healthcare professionals reluctant to implement them.

“It’s not so much the high cost of the technology that’s a problem, but the disparity of who gets the benefits,” says Daniel Castro, a senior analyst with the Information Technology and Innovation Forum (ITIF) public policy think tank.

Furthermore, the lack of a standardized health information infrastructure is playing its part. “We are also seeing issues with interoperability because there are no national standards for health data information, not only for what information should be in an electronic medical record, but how that information should be shared within a network of providers,” Castro tells us.

HRBs: Patient-Controlled Data Repositories

Without national guidance on where and how to store patient information, the push for EHRs has lost some of its initial momentum. However, many believe that the value proposition of EMR systems will increase with the use of health record data banks, more commonly known as health record banks (HRBs).
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How to Value Your Support Staff

You don’t need to go to a business school for your MBA degree to know that need to value your support staff. The best managers truly listen and respond to their support staff.
As I am considering taking an MBA course (I am choosing one without the need for a good GMAT score) I’m interested in what separates good from great managing practices.

During my pre-MBA course we talked about one cardinal factor, it is the degree to which the practice operates like a true team, which boils down to the physicians being attentive to the perspectives of their staff, and both the physician and support staff displaying genuine levels of mutual support.

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CCHIT Not Good Enough for Privacy?

A stamp of approval from the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT) is not enough to guarantee that electronic health records can provide adequate protection of patient information, according to Deborah Peel, MD.

Peel, founder and chair of Patient Privacy Rights, a non-profit foundation based in Austin, TX, recently announced that she will be expanding the foundation’s initiative with a new EHR certification organization called Privacy Rights Certified.

“It is an educational foundation because our purpose is to inform the public about what kinds of health technology is truly safe,” Peel says. “We also want to educate the industry about what specific kinds of protections need to be built into EHRs.”

Although the new organization doesn’t have a website or logo yet, it is moving forward quickly. Certification will begin within the next 60 days, says Peel.

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Defect Isolation and Convergence Debugging

What is convergence debugging? Convergence Debugging is an automated debugging method that isolates a set of test cases that converge on the internal root cause of a failure.

Convergence Debugging gives means to measure the debugging effectiveness of a set of test cases. It also can select a set of test cases that maximize debugging effectiveness.

Convergence Debugging

Isolate effective debug test cases
Measure debug effectiveness
Select effective debug test cases

Why convergence debugging? Converging test cases are closer to the fault with respect to program control and data. Analyzing differences among converging test cases is more effective in locating faults than diverging test cases.

Convergence Debugging

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Duplicate Content and Joomla: Fixing htaccess

Joomla is a powerful platform capable of growing along with your business.  However, duplicate content issues are a major problem with many Joomla sites if they haven’t been optimized correctly upfront.  Fixing your .htaccess file to eliminate some of these issues will help.

An htaccess file is a file automatically installed during Joomla installation to manage your web server configuration.  With Joomla installations, there is no automatic redirect involving www and non-www URLs.  This results in duplicated files and confused search engines.  Google and Bing ask you to choose one in Webmaster Tools, and it’s also important to choose one in Joomla.  There are several ways to do this, but here we’ll show you how with your htaccess file.

You can also run into duplicate content issues with /index.php issues and /home tag on your home page.  Why is this an issue?  If 2 pages are identical and both have links to them and are used, the can split page rank, lowering the page’s effectiveness.

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Indeed: It’s about People, Not Numbers

Since my undergraduate days, I had an interest in microbiology and infectious disease therapy and as I’ve progressed over the years that interest continues to grow.

Earlier in my P4 year, I was fortunate enough to have been on my Acute Care rotation with Dr. Jason Cota, one of my pharmacy school professors and an extremely talented infectious disease specialist.

It was an absolute pleasure having Dr. Cota as a preceptor; during my time with him, he helped me grow both professionally and personally, and I can honestly say he is one of the coolest people I’ve had the fortune to work with.

One of the things that Dr. Cota has always stressed to his students was the importance of antibiotic stewardship; that is, the practice of tailoring therapy to the specific pathogens causing a patient’s infection, as they are identified and their susceptibilities become known.

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How To Recover Lost Files From A Crashed Disk Drive

This article takes a fresh look at some different ways to recover lost files from a hard drive that has crashed.
Each approach has its own associated cost and benefits, with each being suited to certain types of faults.

The first method you could try involves removing the internal hard drive, installing it in an external HDD case and attempting to read the contents via a second computer.

These type of external drive casing devices are widely available in computer peripheral shops. They are often used by people who wish to swap their existing drive for a new one, and still get some use from the old drive as an external storage device.

However, if your drive crashes then these cases can become useful for extracting the drive and attempting to read it via a second computer.

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Stop wasting your time: get an excellent product manager

What are the qualifications of a good product manager?

How do you define a product manager (PM)? What makes a product manager a good one?

The product manager is the magician in your company who is making things happen, always keeping in mind the top 3 product management ingredients.

Many like to call this magician as the mini CEO which is to some degree a true interpretation. He carries many hats, he operates at many levels and he is the glue factor of many entities of your company.  And this is why it is so important to have a good product manager. You do not want to risk such a critical role by just assigning anyone.

Get a PM with strategy and vision

Product manager without a strategy and a vision is not a true product manager. He/she is an executor. The vision is needed to complement your big product puzzle with :

✔ Business value: This perspective brings back you down to earth when you or your team start flying in the clouds with dreamy ideas. You have a product because your customers need it not to satisfy your fantasies.

✔ Business model: This perspective brings back you on track when you or your team goes in the direction of a long and inefficient cycle leading to high costs and non-profit model.

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